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Kris Plowman

KRISKris has worked as a scientist, ecologist and facilitator in universities, state and local government and the community sector both as an employee and a consultant. She has had a lifelong interest in walking gently on the earth and in working cooperatively with others to act hopefully for good in our world.

As a community activist (and sometimes facilitator) Kris has worked with the Wildlife Preservation Society (Qld), the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Women in Advanced and Vocational Education and the Brisbane Playback Theatre Company. She has acted on each of these organisations management committees. More lately she has involved in work to create good humoured, generous and open learning environments in a range of organisation, both corporate &community; where people are able to heard speaking freely and from the heart.

Formal Qualifications

BSc (Hons), PhD, Dip Ed Community & Adult Education, Group Facilitator (Gestalt Institute)