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Red Thread Stories began in 2006 when Jen Barrkman, Deb Driscoll and Kris Plowman formed a small consultancy business using their combined skills and experience. They met through their involvement in Brisbane Playback Theatre. Each bought different talents to the business – psychology, environmental science, theatre, community and organisational development, oral history, music.

Their vision was to connect and include people within their communities using stories and creative processes. They experimented with three person Playback, taught people to listen with their heart, facilitated inclusive groups and taught improvisation and Playback. They were contracted for oral history and community development activities and worked around Queensland with carers, people with disability, homeless youth, older people, people on the margins, community workers and managers – of all kinds of people – many exciting projects grew and developed. We ran workshops at conferences and events.

In 2011 Deb wanted to establish a Red Thread Playback Troupe to complement our business. We said yes and……Red Thread Playback Theatre was born. Red Thread Playback is part of the International Playback Theatre Network. There are Playback troupes around the world.

In September 2014 Deb left the consultancy to move to New York. We then decided to change to a not for profit organisation, Red Thread Stories Inc.


Our goals include but are not exclusive to:

  • Creating safe, inclusive places for people to share their experiences and stories
  • Promoting applied theatre techniques, in particular playback theatre
  • Holding activities and workshops teaching and applying creative processes story
  • Undertaking community development projects that foster connection and collaboration
  • Creating partnerships with other like-minded entities
  • Assisting people to develop insights about themselves and others


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“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”

Hannah Arendt