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Public Workshops 2021

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Learn Playback Theatre with us.


Playback is an antidote to individualisation. Through our workshops we gently warm people up, help them to listen, to being present, to laugh and connect meaningfully with other like minded creative spirits. We know how hard it can be to say yes to something out of our comfort zone. We get scared of getting it wrong, making mistakes, being inadequate. Playback is for everyday people … who love listening to stories, move their bodies, express themselves. Playback Theatre is a gift for when we say yes we can fly. Learn to

  • Listen to stories deeply
  • Improvise and think your feet
  • Be playful and lighthearted
  • Take safe risks
  • Work in a group
  • Move differently
  • Develop confidence

Join us as we develop skills which are essential in Playback Theatre and life!

For group workers, community workers, teachers, musicians, scientists, administrators, retirees, new and old Playback theatre performers  …anyone who wishes to explore the benefits of improvisation using Playback Theatre.


Intro to Playback – October 9 2021

Join us as we explore how we can play together again.
We will gently introduce you to Playback Theatre with a focus on building ensemble, listening with your body and to each other, and introducing Playback forms. If you are keen to join the troupe, find out more about Playback or just have some fun come along!


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“I truly believe that people are looking for stories that really mean something–stories that are redemptive, inspiring, and bigger than an individual.”

Scott Harrison