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Workshops Available 2018

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Learn by doing, reflecting, discovering and applying knowledge and skills to work situations.


Improvisation :

Build confidence and spontaneity, learn to listen deeply, explore your creativity, manage yourself better when the unexpected happens, think on your feet, move in new ways and have fun!

For group workers, community workers, gardeners, teachers, musicians, scientists, administrators, new and old Playback theatre performers …anyone who wishes to explore the benefits of improvisation using Playback Theatre.
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Mindful Improvising:

Mindfulness involves being curious and open to your present experience. Improvisation involves saying yes to yourself and others. This workshop is a playful exploration of how we can live mindfully and enjoy and engage with life.



Listening To the Heart:

Listening is critical in every aspect of our life and work. We explore the art of listening to people’s stories and experiences so they are heard and valued.

For Managers, administrators, psychologists, aged care services,service providers, engineers, support workers, project managers, health professionals …anyone who wants to listen better to others!



Facilitation for Engagement:

Many of us work in groups in different contexts. Learn new, active ways to stimulate and engage participants.

For group workers, trainers, teachers, community workers, psychologists, volunteers, self help co-ordinators ….




“We were able to cut down on the didactic teaching and really open the floor for sharing and learning together. Thank you so much for your coaching and support.”

– Jodie Booth, Senior Occupational Therapist, Child and Youth Community Health Service.


The workshop was active, well explained, great practise, great timing, great venue and great facilitation”

Julie Johnson, Mamre.