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Willow Pryor

Willow Pryor is a professionally trained futurist with a focus on supporting individuals and organisations to challenge the assumptions they may hold about the future and identify, where needed, alternative futures pathways that create positive, equitable and sustainable impacts for all. 

As a foresight specialist/speaker/coach Willow has been involved in a wide range of projects, specifically in health, disability, community, water and engineering. Her experience has covered work with government, not-for-profit’s and social enterprise. Examples of projects include work with: Multicultural Development Australia (MDA Ltd); Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU); Multicultural Affairs Queensland (MAQ, Department of Communities); National Disabilities Services Queensland; Vic Health; and Rural Northwest Health (Vic). Willow is an Associate with the Executive Challenge Academy (Archersfield Consulting and Management), Metafuture, Futures Platform, FutureWe and Executive Brand. Willow is also a board member for BridgIT Water Foundation, an international humanitarian NFP focussed on working with remote communities globally to ensure safe, sustainable and accessible water solutions are available to those that most need it. 

In a previous life, for over a decade, Willow guided individuals and groups into greater communication between mind and body through mindfulness, bodywork and other embodiment practices. Her practice led her to deeply explore the voice and improvised theatre as forms that encourage embodiment and self expression. She now enjoys weaving these modalities together with Futures Thinking (aka foresight) to support individuals and groups to playfully explore the embodiment of desired future states. 

In her varied roles Willow enjoys igniting a sense of agency within people and organisations so that they can work together in collaboration towards their desired future in the context of a rapidly changing, complex world. She is passionate about taking people from confusion through to clarity, and that often involves some hard conversations that, when directed in the right way with the right tools, can lead to greater clarity and confidence.