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The Year That Made Me. Playback Theatre ONLINE

Join us for online playback theatre performance where we explore defining moments in our life on November 22 4.00 in Brisbane (5.00 pm AEST).

2020 has been an astounding year – on global, communal, and individual levels. For some of us it may be a defining year in our lives – for others, one to move past and leave behind.

What are the defining moments in your life? What story would you tell a stranger about the event or events that have shaped you, and the happenings that have changed the way you see the world? Red Thread Stories invites you to join us in exploring these pivotal moments in all of our lives using Playback Theatre.

This event is online and by donation. We are hosting  a face to face event later in the month in Brisbane. 

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Playback Theatre requires us to step inside our own and other people’s stories and see things from different perspectives. 
In a Playback performance, the audience’s stories and experiences are the content of the show. Through dialogue with a skilled playback facilitator, audience members share perspectives, ideas, moments and events from their lives and they are ‘played back’ by the actors and musician, whilst the rest of the audience watches and listens. Playback Theatre is the perfect antidote to social isolation – it’s cathartic, connective, immersive, and fun!