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Training and Workshops

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We offer both our own training workshops, which are open to the public and specific commissioned in house training workshops. Please visit our 2019 Workshop Program page for current information.


Our training workshops include topics such as:


  • Games for Group Engagement: Learn to use games for creating purposeful learning.
  • Listening “on Purpose”. Prevent conflict, build teams and working relationships. Listen deeply so people are heard and valued.
  • Creative Facilitation …Develop confidence to use creative, interactive processes.
  • Speak up and Out
  • Engaging Everyone… particularly those whose stories are often not heard…youth, people with disabilities and mental health issues.
  • Say Yes! Improvisation and Playback skills.  Develop confidence, awareness, spontaneity, teamwork and listening skills so as to increase your effectiveness in dealing with the unexpected.


Commissioned In-House Training and Mentoring Workshops can be fully tailored to meet your needs and objectives – so talk to us about how we can help you, your organisation or your clients.


“Humans simply aren’t moved to action by ‘data dumps,’ dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion. The best way to emotionally connect other people to our agenda begins with “Once upon a time…”
Jonathan Gottschall


“Many of the estimated 33 million PowerPoint presentations given daily in the US do not achieve their potential.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that bad PowerPoint presentations cost companies $252 million per day in wasted time.  Most presentations contain powerful information, but are presented with a slew of PowerPoint slides leaving the audience with a bunch of data that they have to interpret themselves.”



“Stories are not indicators, they ARE the organization.”
David M. Boje,Professor of management at New Mexico State University


“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”
An old Native American proverb


“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”
Henry Miller