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Playback Performance. Play For Life

Play for Life .

28th November , 6.30-8.00pm Ferny Grove High School Q block
When we are very young, it’s natural to play, not just for fun, but for all kinds of purposes – learning, connection, community-building. As we develop our awareness of our place in the bigger picture of life, things can often get very serious. How do – or can – we take play into our work, our study, and our lives? What are the benefits? When has it worked (or not worked) for us? Red Thread Stories invites you to join us in a unique exploration of play using Playback Theatre.


Playback Theatre requires us to step inside our own and other people’s stories and see things from different perspectives.

In a Playback performance, the audience’s stories and experiences are the content of the show. Through dialogue with a skilled playback facilitator, audience members share perspectives, ideas, moments and events from their lives and they are ‘played back’ by the actors and musician, whilst the rest of the audience watches and listens.


Tickets: Free

More information: Franki M  0402130221