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Spring into Spontaneity: Workshop Series

Improvising in Playback theatre requires us to develop skills to take a moment and be present. From this place we are able to give and respond to what is actually happening. We also need to take a moment  in our busy lives to have connect with others and have some fun. This workshop will enable you to do this and  ..

Listen more deeply
Enrich your communication skills,
Enliven your personal or working life,
Make strong connections.
Taking safe risks,
Be more playful,
Work in a group.
Join us in a safe supportive group.
For those who know Playback we will focus on forms of fluid sculptures and pairs. 
Who might come apart from you?
Nurses, public speakers, admin workers, facilitators, teachers, retirees, community development workers, students, small business owners, performers, retail workers, well it could anyone at all!
We gather together for 5 consecutive Wednesday nights.

Dates:  Sept 18-October 16

Time:    6.30 PM – 9.00 PM

Place 52 Merthyr Rd New Farm


Cost $80- 100
Price includes all five sessions. Book Here